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Forest Management Guidelines

Alford Forest Inc., Forest Management Guidelines

General Forest Management Plan Provisions.

1. Conserve and protect open and natural forest of the Oak-Hickory-Pine type, and its native forest species and character, which may have some natural glades and savannas.

2. Conserve and protect the highest quality of the forest ecosystem including its native fauna and flora, and, where such forest types are present, old growth and riparian forests.


The Alford Forest is managed under a lease agreement with the Ozark Regional Land Trust by Alford Forest, Inc. David Haenke is the founder and director of Alford Forest, Inc.

David Haenke and the Alford Forest

David Haenke lives in the Alford Forest, in northern Ozark County, Missouri, and has been managing the Alford Forest, initially as an employee of Ella Alford, since 1994, and since AFI was incorporated in 2000.